Welcome Message from Chairman of Council

Greetings, and welcome to HillCity.

It is with pleasure that I welcome you to our wonderful community, HillCity College. We are an institution committed to research in helping solve challenges in society as well as developing sustainable models in raising leaders for the transformation of nations. We offer dynamic programmes in areas such as Christian Ministry Training, CPD Courses and Bespoke Trainings as well as International Study, Language Proficiency and Pathway Courses. Our Center of Excellence for Education, Innovation and Research, the HillCity Institute of International and Global Affairs, is a unit that carries out research and development programmes for Social, Economic and Environmental Development.

HillCity College is one of the most resourceful Institute of Commercial Management -UK Approved Learning Centers in Ghana. We are committed to creating a supportive community for researchers and students and to providing programmes and resources that will enhance the quality of your professional experience and prepare you for your ministry and career. Our International Programme Office has assisted international students who have studied at HillCity College in diverse ways and we welcome all international students to have a feel of our dedicated services.
HillCity College does not only offer its students theoretical education, but also students get to experience the wealth of practical education through field work and community outreach projects as well as compulsory internship in the industry of their study. At HillCity College, we have a unique blend of faith and learning; training champions for Christ who will glorify God with their profession. I am delighted that you have decided to enrich your career and ministry at HillCity College. As you begin your studies, you are assured of a friendly learning environment where both teaching and non- teaching staff are dedicated to preparing you for your future ministry and career.

We look forward to meeting you in the days and months ahead. Please do not hesitate to call or visit the school if you have questions or special concerns. It is important to all of us that you begin your studies with the information you need and the understanding that the school is here to assist you.

NUKU Tamakloe (Rev.)
Chairman of Council

Senior Academic Advisor’s Message

Without any exception, any nation that rose to true greatness did so on the foundation of education. Certainly the education of the citizens of those nations came in different forms, not only formal. It is also worth mentioning that education that has had lasting impact on nations have been solidly grounded on the tenets of truth, justice and righteousness. These vital ingredients are not found in textbooks but in a person called Christ Jesus! To the extent nations have deviated from truth, justice and righteousness, they have also fallen from greatness, morality, true prosperity, etc.
Many nations today are at the crossroads, because their educational systems do no offer what it takes for nations to attain their dreams of greatness. More than ever, there is an urgent need for institutions that have their moorings in truth, justice and righteousness. This is what HillCity College offers to its students.

At HillCity, there is a strong belief that education must do more than feeding the mind- education must transform the whole being. This is only possible if we adopt an integrated approach of spiritual, intellectual, emotional and psychological system of education. Taking cognizance of this our students are therefore taken on a journey that develops them holistically so they can serve God with their talents and potentials.

As a Christian missionary, academic and consultant, I am convinced that HillCity has put together one of the best teams needed to transform students into godly transformational leaders. The curriculum has been carefully developed with the real needs of students and nations in mind. More importantly, the lecturers and non-academic staff have been carefully chosen to ensure that students can be mentored into greatness.
Finally, I want to say that an educational experience at HillCity College is something students should consider as a privilege. We wish all students a great journey as they join us.

Dr. Kennedy Edem Kukuia
PhD, B.Pharm, MPSGH

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