Our vision is to raise effective leaders of godly character who blend academic excellence and Biblical truth, to influence society for the glory of God.


Our Commitment
That our Institution will always be the pillar and ground of truth for God’s special people

Our Philosophy of Teaching
Every subject that must ever be taught must reveal Christ because Christ is the center of all knowledge.

Our Philosophy of Learning
We study to show ourselves approved unto God not unto one’s self.

Our Philosophy of Profession
We train champions for Christ and raise professionals to serve God with their profession.


- Our Educational Philosophy - WHY?
We educate in obedience to our Lord’s commandment (Matthew 28:19-20).

- Our Educational Methodology - HOW?
As part of our methodology, we also employ the ‘4-ring’ model by McDowell and Bellies (1995).
We Research subjects identifying basic principles from the Bible and other resources.
We Reason by finding out what God’s perspective for the subjects is; and how it reveals His purpose.
We Relate the truth uncovered to our lives and daily situations.
We Record the findings for further use and for accurate preservation.

- Our Educational Curriculum - WHAT?
Our materials of teaching and learning are thoroughly investigated while we make the Holy Bible our central text.

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