A Non-Empirical Analysis of the Relationship between Personal Branding and Individual Performance
(Geoffrey Adjaison)

Journal of Marketing and Operations Management Research
Authors: George Kofi Amoako, Geoffrey Kwasi Adjaison

Purpose – This paper develops a conceptual framework through non- empirical analysis to validate the relationship as well as the role of personal branding in individual performance and career success; thus outlining the relevance of personal branding in performance management and also the measures of individual performances.

Design/methodology/approach – Bodies of literature made up of personal branding, employee performance and organizational performance were used. This paper subjects the statements made by researchers on performance and personal branding to critical scrutiny.

Findings – The model in this paper suggest that there is a positive relationship between personal branding and personal performance. The paper found out that to attain or maintain the degree or level of personal branding, certain key moderators and performance measures must be taken into consideration.

Practical implications – Individuals who want to succeed must therefore invest in building capacity in the area of personal branding since this will eventually lead to greater output.

Originality/value – Much work has been done on employee branding and branding as a whole but very little on personal branding. This paper is one of the very few nonempirical research efforts on the relationship between personal branding and individual performance.

Social Implications - Personal branding can enhance how an individual is perceived in society and can raise his or her value in society. Research Limitations. The paper is non empirical paper the model is yet to be tested.

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